A big idea for payroll and a win for employers and employees alike.

Our unique incentivized direct deposit payroll solution gives you the tools you need to reward your employees with exclusive perks and enrich your benefits package, streamline payroll, boost efficiency, reduce your costs and even create an additional monthly revenue stream.

Put Meed to work for your business. When you’re in the Club, you can:

  • Differentiate your company with a more robust benefits program
  • Boost employee job satisfaction with one-of-a-kind, members-only rewards
  • Decrease overall employee churn as a result
  • Increase payroll efficiency and reduce costs with incentivized direct deposit
  • Create an additional monthly revenue stream with MeedShare™

Enrich your employee benefits and rewards

MeedClub@Work is designed to deliver the best in benefits and rewards — for you and your employees. Built around incentivized direct deposit, the benefits and rewards bring more value to every day.

Here’s how we help your employees earn more, save more and do more.


Help your employees get their money faster and manage it easier.

When we built Meed, we started with the very best in banking basics. From payroll direct deposit, to the convenience of mobile banking and instant access, to a secure line of credit and transfers between Meed members, employees can manage everything from the palm of their hand. And that’s just the beginning.


Help your employees get a bigger piece of the pie.

Our one-of-a-kind “bring a member, get a share” program allows employees to earn extra money by inviting others who join the Club. With MeedShare, every share represents a contribution to the growth of our community — that’s why every share earns a portion of the bank’s revenue. Every month.

What’s more, employers are also eligible to earn MeedShare rewards, which can create an added revenue stream for your business.


Help your employees do more with their money.

Meed Visa debit card purchases at thousands of participating retailers earn up to 5% cash back. From gas to groceries and essentials to fun extras, every eligible purchase contributes to a monthly cash-back account credit.


Help your employees make the most of their vacation time.

Flights, rental car and hotel rooms booked on unlock great deals and earn up to 10% cash back.


Help your employees feel safe and secure.

With MeedClub@Work, your employees are automatically enrolled with a $10,000 accidental death insurance policy at no additional cost.

Bring MeedClub@Work to your business

Say hello to Meed Banking Club.

You deserve a banking experience that puts you first. It’s finally here.