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We do things a little differently, because we’re all about you. You work hard, so we do too. From exclusive member benefits on purchases big and small to travel rewards and built-in savings tools, Meed Banking Club is dedicated to helping you earn more, save more and do more. Every day.

Earn More

Discover new income with MeedShare™

Our one-of-a-kind “bring a member, get a share” program allows you to earn extra money by simply welcoming family and friends to the Club.

With MeedShare, every share represents your contribution to the growth of our community. Every time you help grow our community, you earn a share. The more shares you have, the bigger your portion of MeedShare, which is paid out every month.

The more people you help join, the more you earn.

What sort of earnings are we talking about? Check out the estimator below to find out.*



Potential Rewards

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


MeedShare projections are for illustrative purposes only.
Distribution of MeedShare could vary from month to month depending on total number of inviters and invitees in each market where Meed operates and other variables beyond Meed’s control. The MeedShare payments illustrated above are not guaranteed or actual and you should not rely on the projections as guaranteed performance.

Save More

Get more for your money with MeedExtras™

You know that feeling when you find five bucks in your pocket? We love it too. That’s why we designed MeedExtras to recreate it. When you use your Meed Visa Debit Card at thousands of participating retailers, you earn up to 5% cash back on all kinds of purchases - we’ll put that cash directly into your Savings account.

Need gas? Get cash back.
Dog food? Get cash back.
Clothes for work? Get cash back.

You get it.

Now see it in action — enter your monthly expenses in these categories to see how much you could save*:

Monthly expenditure
Pet Supplies

Total Estimated
Annual Cash Back


The annual total represents how much you could expect to have returned to your Savings account on average if all your stated expenditure went through participating MeedExtras retailers. Actual results may vary depending on rebate offers from each participating retailer.

Kickstart your savings

Have savings goals, but not sure how to achieve them? We can help with that. The Meed Banking Club app allows members to set-up Savings Projects and track progress.

And it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Create and name your project. Ex. New Bike
  2. Set your monthly savings goal. Ex. $25
  3. Track and save.

Create any number of Projects and start getting closer to your goals.

Do More

Explore your way with MeedTravel™

Wherever you’re headed, Meed makes it easier. When you book with MeedTravel, you can earn up to 10% cash back. The more you save on flights, hotels and car rentals, the more you can do when you get where you’re going — down the street or around the globe.

Take care with

Meed Banking Club membership includes $10,000 of accidental death insurance coverage at no extra cost. And with that peace of mind, you can get out there and focus on doing more of what you love.

Meed Banking Club members could

Save $100s in fees,
Earn $100s in cash back.

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  • Meedtravel™
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Do it all with Meed Banking Club.

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